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I just have a few (somewhat scattered) thoughts to start off with. Hopefully these posts will develop more of an essay/article format as I get further into the season and the episodes get more plot-focused and less exposition-focused. The pilot episode of any show is always a bit odd.

First of all, I understand that dire circumstances call for dire measures, but why the hell were ships carrying civilians fighting at Wolf 359? This is a serious question, by the way. If anyone knows the answer to this specific question, or to the broader question of why there are ever any civilians on Starfleet ships (other than diplomatic missions and the like), please let me know.

It's amazing to see what a complete asshole Bashir is at first. I guess it's part of why he and Garak hit it off in the next few episodes. (I'm only partially joking.) Right now I'm having a hard time believing that I end up loving him by the end of the series.

The hair and makeup is ridiculous. 1993 was really something. Kira's hair and eyeliner are the worst offenders; somehow Dax's brows still look great today in 2017 though.

One thing I've become aware of since my previous rewatch is that the Ferengi are deeply antisemitic caricatures, and now I get pissed off every time I see one. This'll be a long seven seasons.

Also, don't think it's lost on me that the only Black person to be a Trek captain is also the only Trek captain who is initially presented in a way where he's basically defined by trauma. It's handled well, I think (I'm not the final word on this, because I'm white), but it's still sketchy.

And finally: Cardassian architecture. Oh boy. I'm kind of torn, because on the one hand I adore it and think it's beautiful, but on the other hand there are so many stairs. Why are there so many stairs?! Not that Starfleet is any better, with all its Jefferies tubes everywhere... hmph. Is the Enterprise-D bridge the only wheelchair-accessible command center on any Star Trek show?


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